Braun Multiquick 1 Hand blender MQ100 Curry


Braun Multiquick 1 Hand blender MQ100 Curry


Braun Multiquick 1 Hand blender MQ100 Curry

PowerBell technology
World’s first Powerbell technology proven to produce finer more even results.

One TouchSpeed
Single button for one touch speed control for single handed use.

Compact and convenient
Super compact for minimal storage space.

600 ml plastic beaker, BPA free, with ml and fl oz measurements.

Patented SPLASHControl technology -standard for all Braun hand blenders

Enjoy perfect results with no mess. Braun’s world’s first PowerBell blending shaft has been designed with SPLASHControl technology, an innovative range of features that prevents splashing and delivers smoother blending results – to keep you and your kitchen spotless.

compareSPLASHControl technology is so effective thanks to the interaction of 3 design factors:the 6 feet and arched openings allow optimum flow into the blade area.

The unique floral bell shape of the blending shaft draws food inward for finer and smoother blending. And the unique position of the blades inside the bell, specially angled in opposite directions to the bell shape. This innovative combination of SPLASHControl technology is standard in every Braun hand blender to give you perfect blending results with no splashing.

  • Simple speed activation

    Simple speed activation

    Start blending the easy way –
    simply with one touch.

  • Beaker


    600 ml plastic beaker, BPA free, with ml and fl oz measurements.

  • Ultra hard stainless steel blades

    Ultra hard stainless steel blades

    Angled in opposite direction to optimise blending results and reduce suction.

  • 6 feet

    6 feet

    Ensures optimum flow into blade area, prevents anti-splash and allows larger foods to be processed from all sides.

  • Unique floral bell shape

    Unique floral bell shape

    Turned opposite direction to the blades, draws food towards angled blades for faster blending results.

  • PowerBell technology

    PowerBell technology

    World’s first hand blender technology. Proven to produce finer and more even blending for perfect results. Unique anti-splash design to ensure a spotless kitchen.

  • Compact and handy

    Compact and handy

    For easy handling and easy storage.



  • Attachments are easy to assemble: Yes
  • Beaker: Yes

Function and size

  • Speed: 1

General specifications

  • Bowl material: BPA free plastic
  • Colour: White/Charcoal Grey
  • Detachable shaft: Yes
  • Knife material: Stainless steel
  • Power Bell metal shaft: Yes
  • Powerful, silent DC motor: Yes
  • RPM: 12500
  • Shaft material: Stainless steel
  • Ultra hard stainless steel blades: Yes
  • Wattage: 450W


  • Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
  • Easy responsive buttons: Yes