Hisense 8KG Top Loader Washing Machine – WTJD802T

Hisense 8KG Top Loader Washing Machine
Model: WTJD802T

  • Bubble Clean
  • Extra Rinse Function
  • Tub Self-Cleaning Function
  • Time Delay Function
  • Power-Off Protection
  • Smarter Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • 8 Water Level Selection


Design Overview:

Bubble Clean

Turns washing powder into bubbles faster for a more effective wash, removing stains from your laundry.

Extra Rinse Function for Better Clean

This function ensures no residual detergent is left on your laundry.

Tub Self-Cleaning Function

This automatic program sterilizes your drum, caring for your health.

Time Delay Function

This function enables you to start your washing cycle at a later stage, ensuring convenience of use.

Power-Off Protection

The machine remembers which phase of the cycle it was in, in the event of a power outage, and resumes the cycle once powered up again.

Smarter Fuzzy Logic Technology

This auto-function ensures the perfect amount of water is used for the amount of laundry in the cycle.

8 Water Level Selection

Save water, by having full control over the water level when washing a load of laundry.


Model Number: WTJD802T
Cabinet Colour: Titanium Grey
Display: LED
Water Pressure: 0.1-1 Mpa
Washing Capacity(KG): 8 Kg
Max Temperature Option: 55°C
Max Spin Speed Option: 700 rpm
Energy Efficiency Class: N/A
Safety System
Anti – Foam Sensor System: Yes
Electronic Spin Speed Management: N/A
Balance Control: Yes
Fuzzy: Yes
Delicate: Yes
Heavy: Yes
Cotton: Yes
Synthetics: Yes
Silk + Delicate: No
Intensive: No
Big Items: Yes
Wool: Yes
Lingerie: Yes
95° Antibacterial: no
Mix: Yes
Down Jacket: no
Silent Wash: no
Sportswear: Yes
Shirts: Yes
Skin Care: no
Quick: Yes
Rinse + Spin: Yes
Spin: Yes
Drum Clean: Yes
Jeans: Yes
Night Wash: no
Eco: Yes
Memory: Yes
System Features
Child lock: Yes
Time Delay: Yes (0-24h)
Load Option: No
Snowflake Drum: Yes
Dimensions (W×D×H)|(mm)
532mm x 532mm x 920mm
Weight (KG)
33 Kg