Salton 3 Panel Gas Heater – SGH12


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The Salton 3 Panel Gas Heater features a 3 ceramic heating plates, 3 heat/power settings so you can set your ideal heat, an oxgen depletion sensor for safety anti-tilting capabililties (when selected) and a piezo-electric ignition mode.


  • Piezo-Electric Ignition Mode
  • Infrared, Fast Heating, Energy Saving
  • 3 Ceramic Plates, 3 Power Setting
  • Pulser
  • Ignition with Battery
  • Easy Operation
  • Power Setting: From 1.3kw to 4.1kw
  • Castors for Easy Moving
  • Space for Gas Cylinder up to 15kg
  • Anti-tilt Device Selected
  • With Oxygen Depletion Sensor


Power 1.3 kw – 4.1 kw
Ceramic Plates 3
Heating Settings 3
Heater Type Gas
Uses Up to 15kg Gas Cylinder