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LG 21KG Washing Machine, Smart Laundry Habit with TurboWash3D – T2193EFHSKL


LG 21KG Washing Machine, Smart Laundry Habit with TurboWash3D
Model: T2193EFHSKL

  • TurboWash3D
  • Steam
  • Full Stainless Steel Tub

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Powerful & Fast 3D Wash

WaveForce and JetSpray generate powerful waves to enhance washing and rinsing. Combined with the new TurboDrum, which rotates reverse, TurboWash3D washes clothes in every possible direction for total cleaning.
Powerful & Fast 3D Wash3

*Select the 16kg 4th water level ‘TurboWash(Turbo Shot)’ to finish the wash in 39 minutes (If TurboWash(Turbo Shot) is not selected, 58 minutes) / Select the 22kg 3rd level ‘TurboWash(TurboShot)’ to finish the wash in: 39 minutes (If (TurboWash(Turbo Shot) is not selected, 66 minutes).
*Tested by Intertek ; Cotton Cycle with TurboWash™ option is finished with in 39±5% minutes.
*Feel good about saving 27% of energy and 14% of water without sacrificing washing performance. Through the dynamic water force and turbo drum, TurboWash3D™ technology to effectively and efficiently clean clothes.
*The results may be different depending on the environment.
*Approved by BAF(British Allergy Foundation) : Reduction of 99.9% of allergens from pollen, cats, dogs, and house dust mites. Elimination of live house dust mites, fungi, and bacteria.
*The results may be different depending on the environment.
Stain Care 40℃1

Stain Care 40℃

‘Wash the laundry with 40℃ degree hot water to effectively remove stubborn dust.
Allergy Care 60℃1

Allergy Care 60℃

Raise the washing temperature to 60℃ to remove 99.9% of allergens.
*Auto tub clean applies to the following courses. (Normal / Stain Care / Allergy Care / Towel / Prewash+Normal / School Care).
*Tested by LG Lab / Test Load : 3.5kg(4th water level).

Smart Laundry with Wi-Fi

SmartThinQ™ technology lets you operate or monitor your laundry anywhere, anytime. You can track energy consumption or use Download Cycle to add a whole range of new washing cycles.
Smart Laundry with Wi-Fi3