LG 313L Silver Larder Fridge Freezer – GC-B404ELRZ


LG 313L Silver Larder Fridge Freezer – GC-B404ELRZ

Key Features

  • Large Capacity
  • Thinner Insulation
  • Linear compressor
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Eco Friendly
  • Freshness

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Large Capacity

You can store much more food efficiently and your kitchen will be richer.


Thinner Insulation

Maximize inner space due to the smart inner structure which uses a thinner insulation wall.

Energy Efficiency

In recent years, LG refrigerators have been recognized for having one of the world’s prestigious technology.


Energy Saving

With Linear Compressor, A –> A++ (A –> A+, B –> A) The Linear Compressor can provide better energy efficiency.


Eco Friendly

The mechanism of LG Linear Compressor actually reduces 60kg per year in CO2 emission. It has the same effect as planting 15 new pine trees.


LG refrigerator offers you the optimum food storage solution.


No Frost

∙ No More Defrosting
: No Frost interior allows you to maintain hygienic, odor free
∙ Even Temperature
: Powerful circulation of cold air allows smaller temperature deviation
∙ Fast Cooling
: Interior air is quickly chilled especially when the fridge door is open


Fresh Cooling

Cool air is circulated through multiple vents, ensuring efficient and uniform refrigeration. LG refrigerator maintains freshness of foods, and protects natural freshness and scent of vegetables and fruits for a long time as temperature of refrigerator can be adjusted from 2℃ ~ 8℃.


Moist Balance Crisper™

This is a special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice, maintaining the correct balance of moisture in the box.


The LG refrigerator continues to evolve for your convenience.


Slim Water Dispenser

Cold water is always available through the thin-type integrated dispenser.


Tower & Top LED

_ The bright tower & top LEDs illuminate every corner inside
_ Extremely long life-span(semi-permanent)
_ Emit less heat than incandescent bulbs


Easy Open Handle

With LG’s Easy Open Handle, door opening has become easier. It also provides better protection for your refrigerator.


Zero Clearance

Even in the small kitchen, doors don’t bump into walls. And when doors are in 90◦ open position, drawers can be opened fully.


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