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Midea 13kg Top Loader Washing Machine – MA200W130

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Midea 13kg Top Loader Washing Machine
Model: MA200W130

  • Turbo mode
  • One Touch Wash
  • Hygiene 90°C Mode
  • Child Lock
  • Soft close lid
  • Lunar Dial LED Display

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Transform your laundry routine with the Midea 13 kg Top Loader Washing Machine designed to meet the demands of a busy family. Its spacious 13 kg capacity allows you to breeze through large family-size loads with ease. The 360-degree rotating Power Boost Agitator, Turbo Mode for time savings, Tub Clean for freshness provide efficient and convenient washing, ensuring that your family’s laundry is taken care of efficiently.

Integrated digital control with our Lunar Dial

Inspired by the Midea logo and glowing moon, our Lunar Dial integrates the program display with the tracking of your wash. This gives you a single easy-to-use control to enter precise wash settings.

Strong Decontamination & Sterilisation

With the MA200 range, the HealthGuard system improves the washing time and ensures a better user experience

AutoClean will activate automatically and flushes through the inner and outer drums, removing stains and residue, which avoids secondary pollution to your laundry.

Based on the original program, Hygiene+ provides hot water during the washing process (depending on the tap water temperature). With increased wash time, stronger washing beats and triple rinsing, it makes clothes cleaner and healthier.


  • Turbo mode
  • One Touch Wash
  • Hygiene 90°C Mode
  • Child Lock
  • Soft close lid
  • Lunar Dial LED Display


  • Standard Warranty: 3 Years


    1. Top lid
    2. Frame
    3. Power supply cord
    4. Control panel
    5. Water Inlet valve
    6. Cabinet
    7. Drain hose
    8. Handle
    • Load Capacity
    • Dimensions (mm)
      (WxDxH mm) 580 x 596 x 965
    • Net Weight
    • Rated Power
    • Power Supply
    • MAX. Current
    • Standard Water Pressure