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Defy 9kg Front Loader SteamCure – DAW389

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Defy 9kg Front Loader SteamCure
Model: DAW389

* Delivery only available locally within Eastern Cape

A+++(-10%) Energy Rated.
1400 RPM
53dB noise level
White LED digital display
15 Programmes
Big door
Manhattan Grey
Brushless silent motor
Aqua-wave drum pattern
Liquid detergent container
0-19h time delay
Woolmark apparel care

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The Defy 9kg Front Loader SteamCure™ Washing Machine is the latest innovation in Defy’s front loaders. Defy’s SteamCure™ technology works to lift dirt for better cleaning and softens creases for easy ironing. SteamCure™ Technology assists in keeping clothes clean and sanitized while also being kind to your fabric.

Defy’s SteamCure™ Washing Machine is the most energy-efficient front loader range on the market with an A+++ Energy Rating. The steam warrants reduced water consumption and therefore less effort by the machine motor. In turn, less energy is used and this results in quicker cycles which ultimately, saves you time and saves the environment one load at a time. With the introduction of the 8kg, 9kg10kg and 12kg models, no matter how big or small your family is, there is a Defy SteamCure™ Front Loader Washing Machine just for you.